WeLReN has a longstanding history of supporting research in NWL and across London in collaboration with Imperial College London Department of Primary Care & Public Health, NIHR CRN, NIHR DEC London, Imperial College Health Partners and various industry sponsors and CROs including Pfizer, Alere and HMR.
We facilitate the conduct of academic and industry-sponsored research across a wide range of clinical specialities, including primary care, public health and medicines research, alongside local health partners and commissioners of health. We also specialize in supporting clinical audits and service evaluations including health economic analyses to better understand how interventions could best support the wider health economy in the contemporary primary care and public health setting.

We work closely with GP practice networks, GP practice Federations and Cooperatives including the Hammersmith&Fulham GP Practice Federation and Harness in Brent. WeLReN CiC has a core number of accredited academic research general practices, which give ready access to a pool of over 2 million patients in North West London.
Services include protocol development and signposting, feasibility assessment to direct support at the practice level to ensure studies recruit to time and target, including the follow-up of patients in primary care settings to enable research at the interface between primary, secondary and tertiary care (including care homes).