Who we are

WeLReN CiC comprises numerous team members as it encapsulates links with so many partners

The core Team members:

Ms Ela Augustyniak
Ela provides administrative support to the team of WeLReN CIC. With strong educational and business management background, she oragnises events, oversees purchasing and payments system, and communications.

email: e.augustyniak@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Ricky Banarsee, Director of WeLReN CIC
After an early career in the armed forces (overseas), Ricky (Reetoo) Banarsee graduated in Psychology before embarking a career in healthcare. He was appointed Senior Tutor (Mental Health) at Shenley Hospital/NWLHT in 1986 and later entered general management as Head of Mental Health Community Services in Brent. In the early 1990’s he worked on a DH project with Westminster Social Services setting up the Joint Homeless Team in West London before being appointed as Head of Mental Health Education for North West London College. In 2000 he was appointed as the Director of the Applied Research Unit (NHS Brent) and the West London Primary Care Research Network (WeLReN) based at Imperial College. Ricky is also a Senior Research Fellow at Imperial and a Visiting Professor at New Bucks University. He has been involved in many of the major innovations which have shaped West London Primary Care Research over the last 15 years including the setting up of the WeLReN, CLRN, PCRN_GL, CLARHC and West London Primary Care Consortium (WLPCC). He has an active overseas portfolio which includes advisory consultancy to the Child Mental Health Services in Kiev. He is presently advising the Govt of Mauritius and the Open University of Mauritius in setting up a Masters in Public Health. He is also a member of the WHO Collaborating Centre based at Imperial College and Member of the Faculty of Public Health.

email: r.banarsee@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Prakash Chatlani
Dr Prakash works as a part time GP at Roundwood Park Medical Centre in Willesden, Brent. His interests are case management, shared care, expanding research in primary care, GP IT and workload. He is currently Brent Local Medical Committee Chair and also involved in NHS GP Appraisal.

email: p.chatlani@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Nigel De Kare-Silver
Dr De Kare-Silver is a an experienced senior medical educator. he has been a GP trainer since 1998 and a program director under the London Deanery for Central Middlesex Hospital VTS Scheme. More recently he was lead Associate Director at the London Deanery, now Health Education England, for GP training, leading on assessment at recruitment and during the training program. Nigel represented the London Deanery to the RCGP on several educational areas and founded the North West London Primary Care Forum, leading initiatives to embrace integrated work across all primary health care professionals.

His international work included primary care educational initiatives in Libya, Mauritius and Nigeria.

Nigel is Professor of Medicine at University of Technology Mauritius an supporting the development and implementation of the Masters in Public Health at Open University of Mauritius and University technology Mauritius.

He is chairman on iNHealth NGO, an NGO in Nigeria to deliver primary health care education, services and research.

email: n.de-kare-silver@imperial.ac.uk

Mrs Valentine Dunn-Toroosian

Valentine studied Nursing and Midwifery at Somerset Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa before coming to the UK to complete a masters in Public Health and embark on a teaching career. Currently Valentine works with the Northwest London Comprehensive Local Research Network to improve recruitment of participants into clinical trials and academic studies through primary care. All studies supported through this route are part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio. GP surgery databases are used to identify and recruit suitable participants. She is also a ‘Good Clinical Practice’ (ICH GCP) facilitator, providing training courses for people conducting clinical trials, non-clinical trials and other kinds of research.

email: val.dunn-toroosian@nihr.ac.uk

Dr Austen El-Osta
Austen has considerable experience in performance managing recruitment into a large portfolio of commercial and non-commercial studies with a primary care element, spanning engagement with industry sponsors, CROs, academia and NIHR CRN. Austen joined WeLReN as Primary Care Research Manager, and supports Imperial College London & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in the same capacity. His principle aim is to develop and maintain enduring relationships with GP practices, networks and federations to support recruitment into primary care studies, whilst engaging constructively with existing and emerging organisational forms. Austen sits on various committees and is committed in advancing a progressive primary care research strategy for NWL.

email: a.el-osta@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Ellis Friedman
Ellis has considerable experience in service and academic public health. In service public health, he was a Director of Public Health for over 20 years and a Regional Director of Cancer Screening for over a decade. He has held honorary academic posts with many Universities in North West England and London.
Dr Friedman is an honorary senior lecturer with Imperial College. He has also held many roles for the Faculty of Public Health, including as a Director of Training and an Examiner, and he is currently the Faculty Treasurer.
His major research interests are screening, quality improvement, cancer prevention, coronary heart prevention and cost-effective evidence-based practice.
Ellis undertakes a number of roles for the BMA serving on various national and London regional committees. This includes public health and GMC liaison roles.
Dr Friedman is also an experienced mentor and appraiser especially providing a service to Public Health consultants.

email: ellis.friedman@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Shamini Gnani
Shamini Gnani combines her role as a general practitioner in London with her role as Senior Clinical Adviser in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health at Imperial College London. She also trained in public health medicine and her portfolio career also includes work as a consultant in public health. She has worked with WeLReN since 2007. Her research interests are in urgent care, mental health, primary care, quality improvement and health inequalities.

She is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and the UK Faculty of Public Health.

email: s.gnani@imperial.ac.uk

Mr Simon Lewis

Professor Azeem Majeed, Director of WeLReN CiC, Head of Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Imperial College London

Professor of Primary Care and Head of the Department of Primary Care & Public Health at Imperial College London. Azeem qualified at the University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff, Wales. He is accredited in both General Practice and Public Health Medicine. Azeem began his academic career at St. George’s Hospital Medical School as a Lecturer in Epidemiology & Public Health Medicine. He was later promoted to Senior Lecturer in Primary Care. He then moved to a Senior Lecturer post at University College London, where he had a joint appointment between the School of Public Policy and the Department of Primary Care & Population Sciences. In 2000, Azeem gained a five-year primary care senior scientist award, which allowed him to spend more time on research. He was promoted to Professor by University College London in 2002. Azeem took up the post of Professor of Primary Care and Head of the Department of Primary Care & Public Health at Imperial College London in 2004.

email: a.majeed@imperial.ac.uk

Dr Shilpi Mehra
Shilpi works with the Northwest London Comprehensive Local Research Network to improve recruitment of participants into clinical trials and academic studies through primary care. All studies supported through this route are part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio. GP surgery databases are used to identify and recruit suitable participants.

email: shilpi.mehra@nihr.ac.uk

Dr David Mummery
Dr Mummery studied at the University of Bristol and did his GP training in Essex before returning to London.He has been working as a GP at North End Medical Centre – a busy inner city GP surgery – since 2006. David has been actively involved in Primary Care research since 2007 and is currently the Primary Care Research and Education lead for Hammersmith and Fulham CCG, Clinical Adviser to the CIRC centre at RCGP and vice chair of H&F LMC. As well as Primary Care research he has special interests in diabetes, HIV and GU medicine and History of Medicine. Outside of medicine he enjoys travel, current affairs and spending time with friends and family.

email: d.mummery@imperial.ac.uk

Professor Mala Rao


Mrs Sylvia Westrup
Sylvia Westrup (BA, MA) has a background in primary care and public health research and works as the Research Management & Governance Manager advising researchers on the regulatory requirements. She provides research management support, project management and research related training. She has worked with WeLReN since 2001 when, as Research Facilitator, she assisted primary care health professionals to design local projects and also ran training courses.

A Good Clinical Practice (ICH GCP) trainer, and holder of the Certificate in Good Clinical Practice from The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of the UK plus training in other UK regulations. A member of the UK Faculty of Public Health and an Adair International accredited Action Centred Leadership (ACL) Trainer.

email: s.westrup@imperial.ac.uk


Mr Alan Warnes